Why Resurface?

Ask yourself “Do I need a new kitchen?”

The most common answer is “Probably not! “- But you’re unaware of the alternative. Resurfacing!

An astounding number of people have never heard about kitchen resurfacing. Allow us to enlighten you.

Unless your kitchen carcasses (the insides of your cupboards) are rotting away and beyond all repair, then there is a good chance you can resurface your kitchen. Give it an up-dated, new look and save yourself $1000’s.


Resurfacing is 70% CHEAPER than replacing your kitchen.


How it saves you money:

  • The face of you kitchen is up-dated, rather than re-building the carcasses.
  • We resurface your existing doors with a high quality 2 pac finish in the colour of you choice.
  • You may want a new style of door fitted; we use your existing carcasses.
  • No changes to your plumbing or electrical.
  • Keep your existing splash back.
  • No changes to your flooring.
  • Keep your existing bench top or change it, the choice is yours.
  • Our professional cabinet makers are available for any modifications you require.


Why 2 Pac:

  • 2 Pac finishing is the highest quality, most desired finish for kitchen cabinets and joinery.
  • It is used in million dollar properties world wide.
  • It adds value to your property.
  • We have taken the quality and attractive finish of 2 Pac, and applied it to improve resurfacing technology.
  • These technical developments are focused on affordability, while still maintaining quality and good looks.
  • 2 Pac kitchen resurfacing is now changing Australia’s kitchen renovating industry.


Finally, why resurface?

‘Cos for every kitchen resurfaced, is one less kitchen we are dumping in landfill.

Kitchen resurfacing changing the kitchen renovating industry. Affordable, durable and modern kitchens

Before & After. Affordable, durable and modern kitchens


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