My kitchen doors are peeling, can you fix this?

Yes, we use resurfacing technology as a solution. Vinyl or vacuum wrap kitchens often experience the face delaminating or detaching and begin peeling. (See photo below). At Eco Kitchen Resurfacing we have spent years developing technology that enables these doors to be reused and resurfaced, rather than you having to throw them away.

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Vinyl wrap doors coming loose, known as “peeling doors” Vinyl wrap doors coming loose, known as “peeling doors”


What colour can I choose to resurface my kitchen in?

We can colour match almost any colour. This is one way our resurfacing technology stands out from the rest.


Can you install a new bench top?

Yes, we employ qualified cabinet makers to remove and install laminate bench tops. You can also opt for new stone bench tops in granite, marble or engineered stone such as Caesarstone.


Can I choose to modify cabinets or remove a breakfast bar?

Yes, talk to our consultants and they can assist with design ideas, our cabinet makers will sort out the rest.


How long does the process take?

About 2 weeks from start to finish. The average size kitchen will require a day or 2 to remove the doors and resurface the remaining panels.


How durable is it?

Very. Derived from car paint, 2 Pac paint is one of the highest quality finishes for kitchens.


I don’t like my kitchen doors, they are old and dated, what can you do?

We can fit new doors. We have over 30 different styles for you to choose from. You can give your kitchen a total makeover with new doors and colour of your choice. This is a project we are currently working on…

Adelaide Kitchen Resurfacing Renovating Before and After - Belair

Work in progress – Kitchen renovations Adelaide

Adelaide Kitchen Resurfacing Renovating Before and After - Belair 1









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