Advantages of 2 Pac Kitchens

What is 2 Pac Paint?

In simple terms, “Two Pack” paint, otherwise known as 2 Pac, is a painting mixture solution incorporating a tin of paint and a tin of hardener to form a two-part solution. Normal house paint would be termed as “single pack paint”.

When people describe a kitchen as a 2 Pac Kitchen, it means that the faces and edges of the kitchen doors, drawer fronts and panels are painted with this very hard two-pack paint.

Why should I use 2 Pac Paint?

2 Pac is a painted finish that is of the same quality as standard automotive paint. When 2 Pac was adopted by kitchen cabinet makers, it was because kitchen designers wanted a gleaming finish just like you find on a freshly polished car.

2 Pac Paint is:

  • tougher and harder to scratch or wear than laminate finish
  • easier to clean and longer-lasting

The Advantages of 2 Pac Kitchens:

  • No more peeling: 2 Pac paint does not peel off. Say goodbye to the peeling problems of glued-on edging!
  • Wide range of colour choice: 2 Pac comes in every plain laminate colour. You can change the colour of your kitchen when you want for a minimal cost as we only need to prepare and repaint your doors and panels.
  • Wide range of finishes available: A wide range of finishes are available in gloss, satin or metallic 2 Pac finish. You can even two-tone your kitchen for unique, instant style.
  • Flexible, low-cost upgrades: Unlike melamine, laminate or vinyl kitchen doors, you don’t need to replace doors to finish them with 2 Pac. You can give your kitchen an updated look any time you feel like changing the colour scheme, and a spray paint job will make your resurfaced kitchen look as good as new.
  • Very easy to clean: With a 2 Pac finish, you get the best shot at keeping your kitchen sparkly clean!